• Yujeong Noh and Gyeongho Kim became the winner and the second runner-up of the 2019 UNIST Case Competition [Link (Korean)], respectively. Congratulations!
  • Prof. Sunghoon Lim has received funding from the National Research Foundation of Korea (Basic Research Program) for the proposal titled "Development of an automated system using machine learning and commercial sensors for identifying whether manufacturing workers wear protective gear."
  • Our lab and Prof. Sunghoon Lim were introduced to the official Facebook page of the UNIST SME Student Council. [Link (Korean)]
  • DaeSeon Baek and Prof. Sunghoon Lim presented and Prof. Sunghoon Lim chaired Session C6 (Industry 4.0/Industrial Artificial Intelligence) at 2019 KIIE/KORMS/KSS Joint Spring Conference. [Link (Korean)]
  • Prof. Sunghoon Lim participated in Big Data Education Program MoU with Samsung SDS. [Link (English/Korean)]
  • Prof. Sunghoon Lim participated in MoU with Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. [Link (English/Korean)]